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5/24: Infamous Chase 5/24 Rule

AF: Annual Fee

AU: Authorized User

CDC: Citi Double Cash

CIC: Chase Ink Cash

CIP: Chase Ink Preferred

CIU: Chase Ink Unlimited

CL: Credit Limit

CPP: Cents Per Point

CSP: Chase Sapphire Preferred

CSR: Chase Sapphire Reserve

DC: Double Cash

DP: Data Point

FLUZ: Fantastic App, critical component of this game

GC: Gift Card

HP: Hard Pull

HUCA: Hang up and call again, common tactic when dealing with uncooperative customer service reps

MCC: Merchant Category Code (helps credit card companies identify the category for purchases eg office supply, restaurant, grocery, etc)

MCGC: MasterCard Gift Card

MO: Money Order

MR: Amex Membership Reward Points

MS: Manufactured Spending

NLL: No Lifetime Language (Way to get Amex SUBs multiple times)

P2/P3/P4: Another player.  Usually significant other or relative that will let you apply to cards in their name for additional points

RECON: reconsideration line, to try to get approved after a denial

SUB: sign up bonus

TYP: Citi Thank You Points

UR: Chase Ultimate Reward Points


Nothing here is to be deemed legal or financial advice in any way.

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Earn your first $10K+ WiFi money through credit card churning. Inspired by @BowTiedBull


Earn you first $10K+ WiFi money through credit card churning. Inspired by @BowTiedBull